I have read enough fanfiction to know where that is going



"pan is not a real sexuality"


"pan is a newer term, you’re really just bi"


"aren’t pan and bi the same thing?"


"pan is bi erasure"


"special snowflake-"


Okay, can someone please tell me how bisexuality doesn’t also include pansexuality in it’s definitions? Because “same and other” genders pretty much encompasses “all genders”.

First of all, we defined labels and for me, pan is feeling attraction REGARDLESS of gender or sex. For me bi is feeling attraction towards TWO genders, as its name says BI, and that’s why I don’t use it to define me, because the majority of people believe in the binary of sexes so for them bi is “same and opposite” not “same and other genders” so, by introducing them to the word PAN which means all in contrast to BI which means two, I feel like i’m teaching them and introducing them to the whole “men and women are not the only genders”





My kitten. 💗

This is so cute. So glad you’ve collared her!

Honestly, she did it as a gift to me. She approached me and told me she only wants one male, one owner. <3 
She asked me, which is as it should be I think.

My mistake. What I mean is, I’m glad you’re both happy with the situation! =D



hearing the words “good girl” does serious things to me

Fuck, I know this feeling. This phrase isn’t one Daddy uses a lot, He’s rather fixed on “Princess.” I’m not exactly complaining, though.


Friendly reminder that John said on his blog during the events of ASIB that his life with Sherlock was incompatible with long-term relationships. And after that, he didn’t date anybody else at all for the rest of s2. John wasn’t just musing meaninglessly, he was taking himself off the market. He was committing himself to Sherlock. He was telling the whole world that whatever he had with Sherlock was more valuable to him than anything he could have with anybody else.

And he was faithful to Sherlock—though Sherlock didn’t even know he had John’s fidelity or appreciate it for what it was—until well after Sherlock died. John didn’t even need Sherlock to love him in the exact same way in order to be faithful to him or to know he wanted to spend his life with him. John was ready to give up romance and intimacy for the chance to spend his life with with the man he loved, even if he never felt entirely sure that the love was reciprocated. Can you imagine how devoted and adoring he’s going to be, once he understands that Sherlock loves him, too?


#chelleydarlingpotd day 15 • pastels • 💜 perfect opportunity to set up my birthday lilac. I’m using it to store motivational quotations, productivity boosts, goal and habit reminders, and any other happy little things. I’m keeping it on my nightstand as the first thing I flip through in the morning - perfect pastels to brighten up my days 🌸


i had a crush on this guy and i decided to pull a Pavlov on him by offering him whenever i saw him  this brand of candy he seemed to really like and after a while whenever he saw me he got excited for a second then you could see his expression shift to wondering the why the hell was he so happy to see me and i swear it was the evilest thing but also the most hilarious i made a guy like me by conditioning him into associating me to a candy he liked