It’s always been The Doctor and Rose 💚



do you ever casually say “i ship it” in a real life conversation then get strange looks from people who have no idea what the fuck you’re talking about because you forget it’s not part of normal people’s vocabulary

I think my whole school believes I am a boat maker or something.

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We all have that one character that you obsess over for months on end, but they slowly fade away into a special place in your heart as you discover other passions. Then the moment you re-discover that one character, the love comes back one hundred times as strong and it’s like they never left.


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This is really important to me. We shouldn’t be hating on women, calling them sluts and whores because they took nudes. Why is everything so double standard? When guys nudes get released, everyone is on them - protecting and defending them. They even make trends like #WELOVEYOU #WE’LLALWAYSSUPPORTYOU. But what about all the women who nudes got leaked yesterday? Just their name trend and everyone down grading them. Please respect these women. 

Everyone in their life will send nudes. But, be careful on who you trust. 

I just want people to be educated on this topic and to stop blaming the person taking the photos when it should be targeted to the person who leaked the photos.

Also, we should stop using the word “slut” for everything. Please. 

that was really powerful, we should really spread the message because everyone seems to have double standards these days.